President’s Notes

Good Bye March, Hello April!!

Greetings All, It’s been a hell of a month and we hope everyone is well. I am thinking you all are Corona’d out so enough on that topic.

April is generally the month of trailer prepping and maintenance. Although the canceled maintenance rally helps make that task more enjoyable, now is the perfect time check out the systems, ‘earl what needs ‘earlin, clean up the o’l girl (trailers guys), check the lights, tire pressure and so on. Quarantine won’t last forever, be ready!!   Please see the maintenance sheet in this issue.

Fast forward to August, unless something changes Sue and I are still planning to host the New England Caravan. The route and stops are not final but are in the cross hairs. This is the latest: head north up the Hudson Valley with possible stops at the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, Mohonk Mountain House, Vanderbilt mansion.

Continue north then hang a right into Vermont to tour Hildene, the summer house of Abe Lincoln’s son, Robert Todd, the president of the Pullman Company. Continuing north to the Shelburne Museum with a stop in Burlington (where I understand everything is free) with many sights and lots of history. While in the area we’ll head east to tour Rock of Ages (a granite Quarry).

Continuing into New Hampshire we enter the White Mountain region where we will hop aboard the cog railway to take us to the top of Mount Washington, the highest peak in the Eastern USA.   Upon entering Earth’s atmosphere once again we can tour local historic settlements and houses. (Side Note) While researching the caravan I learned New Hampshire is the #1 state for adult swinging. Mmmm, I guess it’s because of all the trees to hang them on? who knows…

At this point we are so close to Maine we are figuring, hey why not!?!?   Then the reality of two weeks hits me. Can All of this be comfortably wedged into 2 weeks……… I don’t know, Stay Tuned.

Feel free and give me your thoughts on the caravan whether or not you are adding this to your summer plans.

Until we all meet again, Be Cool, Jody and Sue