President’s Notes

Hello Keystoners.

It’s time to celebrate our great country’s Independence Day once again. Two hundred forty-three years have passed since those brave patriots risked everything in Philadelphia to give birth to a new, free nation. It’s also time to remember another anniversary which was critical to extending that independence to all Americans: the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1 – 3, 1863.

Those of us fortunate enough to attend the Region 2 Rally had a great opportunity to explore the Gettysburg battlefield and surrounding area. Although Arry and I have been to Gettysburg several times, it never gets old and we always learn new things. This time we visited the Eisenhower Farm where the President and Mamie finally retired after a lifetime of service to the Country. It’s an impressive place that looks as if the Eisenhowers still live there. A time capsule of the Fifties and Sixties including black and white TV’s, and pink and yellow bathroom fixtures. The Rally was well attended with all units participating. The food and entertainment were excellent as were the various presentations. Keystoners were well represented with six rigs: Don and Phyllis Harrington, Rick and Andy Pitts, Jody and Sue Dietz, Sue Walton, Jim and Janice Hicks, and Howard and Arry Mergelkamp. Our former Treasurer and current President of the Pensylvania Unit, Alan Kenney, also joined us.Our thanks to Rich Short and Mark and Debbie Hammer and all the other volunteers for organizing this outstanding event.

Next up on the calendar is the International Rally in Doswell, Virginia. It looks like our unit will again be well represented as at least 6 or 7 Keystone rigs are expected to be there. The location is ideally situated for Civil War and Revolutionary War buffs as well as those wanting to take advantage of Washington DC’s monuments, museums and historical sites. Kings Dominion is nearby for the daredevils among us.

Following the International Rally, Howard Mergelkamp and Don Harrington will be leading a week-long Exploring Central Pennsylvania Caravan. This should be an interesting and fun trip for those wishing to visit where the French and Indian War began, architectural masterpieces by Frank Lloyd Wright, a memorial to Flight 93, the site of the Johnstown flood tragedy, an outdoor U.S. Army Museum and Harrisburg’s Capital Building and museums. Details are included below along with the signup coupon. Those interested in joining should let us know as soon as possible to ensure a space on the trip. Those unable to join the caravan are welcome to join the ending weekend at Pine Grove Furnace State Park in Carlisle for fun and friendship.

We look forward to seeing many of you at the upcoming International Rally.

Happy travels.